5 digital products you can start selling today.

You’ve got what it takes to be a digital creator.

Andrea Robang

But just in case you’re stumped on how to get started, read on for a few ideas to kick off your journey. Make and sell virtual products that reach your buyers in a matter of seconds. As computers and the internet become more accessible, it's becoming easier to create and consume digital goods and services. Enter Snack, and enter you!

1. Art


The most versatile product you can sell is art! Ranging from movies to photography to digital designs, you can fill up your storefront regardless of your skill-level as a professional freelancer or a part-time hobbyist. Selling your art can help you broaden your audience and quickly get returns on your pieces, without the hassle of creating physical prints or merchandise that need to be manufactured, stored, then shipped.

Some examples include:

  • Art prints
  • Music
  • Movies and short films
  • Photographs
  • Indie video Games

2. Digital Templates

Software runs the world. Whether you’re crunching numbers, designing Instagram posts, or planning out your week, there’s likely a program that can help complete those tasks more efficiently. But expertise in these softwares usually takes long hours of practice. By selling digital templates, you can reach that niche of users that need that extra boost in utilizing the software to its fullest potential.

  • Social media templates for marketing
  • Fun birthday cards, stationery designs
  • Spreadsheet templates for budgeting, project management, and more!
  • Mockups for websites, mobile applications, and even physical products

3. Books


If you're really experienced in your discipline or field, then you may eventually have enough material for your own e-book! From the layout, length and genre to everything in between, you have full control over your message. And while you might immediately think of fiction when we say “books”, there’s a wide range of other subject matters you can cover.

  • Fiction
  • Graphic novels
  • Cookbooks
  • Yearly planner
  • Instructional guides

4. Subscriptions

Last but not least, you can offer subscription-type deals like niche newsletters, exclusive content for dedicate fans, or monthly gift boxes. This structure helps you, as a creator, find a common audience that you can engage with.

  • Monthly gift boxes for snacks, drinks, and more
  • Access to exclusive creator content like behind the scenes work or early access to pieces

5. Services/Gigs


We aren’t limiting you to digital goods though, you can also list digital services. This might look like commissioning an artist for your company logo, hiring someone to manage your crypto wallet, or finding professionals to help edit your vacation photos. Shout out to all you free-lancers out there looking for a platform to show off your skills!

  • Art commissions
  • Web development, data analysis
  • Business management
  • Virtual synchronous classes in fitness, lifestyle, and more

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